Backstage, Luckenbach

The wine buffet is just left
of the table with cocoa-rubbed wild boar
and mesquite-grilled axis deer.

The women in line ahead of me
could be twins: long, flat-ironed hair,
giant sunglasses,
skinny jeans and tall boots,
and the rest of The Look.

The wine guy tells these two
(who are younger and thinner than me):
That’s our plan! Free wine
to all the pretty women.

Amid much girlish laughter
he pours them generous glassfuls.
The women
drift toward the boar.

Which puts me first in line.

The wine guy gazes at something
far away and just over my head,
not acknowledging my existence.
After an awkward pause,
I say
“I’d like some wine, please. Red.”
He slowly refocuses
splashes a bit into my glass
while he tries to conjure up the other two.


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